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J. Muscedere, J. Afilalo, I. Araujo de Carvalho, M. Cesari, A. Clegg, H.E. Eriksen, K.R. Evans, G. Heckman, J.P. Hirdes, P.M. Kim, B. Laffon, J. Lynn, F. Martin, J.C. Prorok, K. Rockwood, L. Rodrigues Mañas, D. Rolfson, G. Shaw, B. Shea, S. Sinha, O. Theou, P. Tugwell, V. Valdiglesias, B. Vellas, N. Veronese, L.M.K. Wallace, P.R. Williamson, For the Canadian Frailty Network

J Frailty Aging 2020;9(1)14-22

With aging populations around the world, frailty is becoming more prevalent increasing the need for health systems and social systems to deliver optimal evidence based care. However, in spite of the growing number of frailty publications, high-quality evidence for decision making is often lacking. Inadequate descriptions of the populations enrolled including frailty severity and frailty conceptualization, lack of use of validated frailty assessment tools, utilization of different frailty instruments between studies, and variation in reported outcomes impairs the ability to interpret, generalize and implement the research findings. The utilization of common data elements (CDEs) and core outcome measures (COMs) in clinical trials is increasingly being adopted to address such concerns. To catalyze the development and use of CDEs and COMs for future frailty studies, the Canadian Frailty Network (www.cfn-nce.ca; CFN), a not-for-profit pan-Canadian nationally-funded research network, convened an international group of experts to examine the issue and plan the path forward. The meeting was structured to allow for an examination of current frailty evidence, ability to learn from other COMs and CDEs initiatives, discussions about specific considerations for frailty COMs and CDEs and finally the identification of the necessary steps for a COMs and CDEs consensus initiative going forward. It was agreed at the onset of the meeting that a statement based on the meeting would be published and herein we report the statement.

J. Muscedere ; J. Afilalo ; I. Araujo de Carvalho ; M. Cesari ; A. Clegg ; H.E. Eriksen ; K.R. Evans ; G. Heckman ; J.P. Hirdes ; P.M. Kim ; B. Laffon ; J. Lynn ; F. Martin ; J.C. Prorok ; K. Rockwood ; L. Rodrigues Mañas ; D. Rolfson ; G. Shaw ; B. Shea ; S. Sinha ; O. Theou ; P. Tugwell ; V. Valdiglesias ; B. Vellas ; N. Veronese ; L.M.K. Wallace ; P.R. Williamson ; For the Canadian Frailty Network (2019): Moving towards common data elements and core outcome measures in frailty research. The Journal of Frailty and Aging (JFA). http://dx.doi.org/10.14283/jfa.2019.43


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