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J. Collins, G. Longhurst, H. Roschel, B. Gualano

J Frailty Aging 2016;5(2):126-134

Background: Studies assessing the effects co-supplementation with creatine and protein, along with resistance training, in older individuals with frailty are lacking. Objectives: This is an exploratory trial from the Pro-Elderly study (“Protein Intake and Resistance Training in Aging”) aimed at gathering knowledge on the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of co-supplementation with creatine and protein supplementation, combined with resistance training, in older individuals with frailty. Design: A 14-week, double-blind, randomized, parallel-group, placebo controlled exploratory trial. Setting, participants: The subjects were randomly assigned to whey protein and creatine co-supplementation (WHEY+CR) or whey protein supplementation (WHEY) group. All subjects undertook a supervised exercise training program and were assessed at baseline and after 14 weeks. Measurements: Muscle function, body composition, blood parameters, and self-reported adverse events were assessed. Results: No interaction effects (between-group differences) were observed for any dependent variables (p > 0.05 for all). However, there were main time-effects in handgrip (WHEY+CR = 26.65 ± 31.29; WHEY = 13.84 ± 14.93 Kg; p = 0.0005), timed-up-and-go (WHEY+CR = -11.20 ± 9.37; WHEY = -17.76 ± 21.74 sec; p = 0.006), and timed-stands test (WHEY+CR = 47.50 ± 35.54; WHEY = 46.87 ± 24.23 reps; p = 0.0001), suggesting that WHEY+CR and WHEY were similarly effective in improving muscle function. All of the subjects showed improvements in at least two of the three functional tests, regardless of their treatments. Body composition and blood parameters were not changed (p > 0.05). No severe adverse effects were observed. Conclusions: Co-supplementation with creatine and whey protein was well-tolerable and free of adverse events in older subjects with frailty undertaking resistance training. Creatine supplementation did not augment the adaptive effects of resistance training along with whey protein on body composition or muscle function in this population. Clinicaltrials.gov: NCT01890382.

J. Collins ; G. Longhurst ; H. Roschel ; B. Gualano (2016): Resistance training and co-supplementation with creatine and protein in older subjects with frailty. The Journal of Frailty and Aging (JFA). http://dx.doi.org/10.14283/jfa.2016.85

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