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L. Rodríguez-Mañas, J.M. Moreno-Villares, J. Álvarez Hernández, A.A. Romero Secín, M.L. López Díaz-Ufano, F. Suárez Gonzále, A. Costa-Grille, J. López-Miranda, J.M. Fernández-Garcia, on behalf of the Working Group on Nutrition in Older People-DANONE Institute

J Frailty Aging 2024;13(2)157-162

OBJECTIVES: To assess the awareness and training of primary care physicians on nutrition in older patients. DESIGN: Observational, real-world data survey. SETTING: Primary Care. PARTICIPANTS: One hundred sixty-two physicians, generalists and specialists, working in primary care. MEASUREMENTS: Participants received an online questionnaire with 18 questions concerning the importance of nutrition, degree of knowledge, needs, and training in nutrition. The results were evaluated using univariate descriptive analysis, with a percentage for each chosen answer. Logistic regression models were used to evaluate if answers were related to training in nutrition and professional experience. RESULTS: 43.2% of participants reported that nutrition is very important in individuals over 65 years old, and 90% were aware of the importance of nutrition in healthy aging. Nutritional problems affect 30 to 50% of patients, according to 44.7% of participants. 89.2% agree about the need for nutritional assessment in older patients; however, the professionals believe they should be better prepared. Two out of three respondents consider the training received in nutrition during their undergraduate course or continuing medical education as deficient. Time of professional practice was mainly associated with conceptual facts, while continuing medical education did with practical issues, mainly the use of screening and diagnostic tools [FRAIL (OR: 3.16; 95%IC: 1.55-6.46), MNA-SF (OR: 6.455; 95%IC: 2.980-13.981) and SARC-F (OR: 3.063; 95%IC: 1.284-7.309)]. CONCLUSION: Although primary care professionals are aware of the importance of nutrition in older patients, there are still gaps in daily practice that could be improved by developing educational strategies.

L. Rodríguez-Mañas ; J.M. Moreno-Villares ; J. Álvarez Hernández ; A.A. Romero Secín ; M.L. López Díaz-Ufano ; F. Suárez González ; A. Costa-Grille ; J. López-Miranda ; J.M. Fernández-Garcia ; on behalf of the Working Group on Nutrition in Older People-DANONE Institute ; (2024): Awareness and Self-Reported Knowledge and Training on Nutrition in Older People among Primary Care Practitioners. The Journal of Frailty and Aging (JFA). http://dx.doi.org/10.14283/jfa.2024.11

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